Monday, January 31, 2011

SAG Awards top three

It might just be my mood, or I can blame it on the rainy weather, but I was underwhelmed and bored looking at the fashions at the SAG awards. I'll give the show its due because it just became a higher profile event in the past few years and it's not covered as much as the Oscars. It seems like the "old pros" took this fact and ran with it. They decided to relax and refrain from taking huge risks. But the newbies/younger generation went in some exciting directions:

Hailee Steinfeld wearing Prada, was the breakout young star of the award's season. She was so good in True Grit. Her dress isn't my taste, but it makes her look her age because it's bright and fun. She's also tiny so she can pull off the horizontal stripes.

Jennifer Lawrence, in Oscar de la Renta, is another young breakout star of the season. She stared in Winter's Bone which I saw this Friday. It was gritty role so it was definitely a tough one. She was the best thing about the movie which was overall just depressing. It was a good portrait of life in the poorer regions of America that don't get talked about a lot. Love the bright color of the dress because it stands out amidst all the black that is so popular on the red carpet.

Mila Kunis, in Alexander McQueen, looks stunning. She kind of copied Michelle Obama though, but I'm biased towards McQueen so anyone who wears him gets mad props from me. The dress is so mysterious and sexy she's really filling out a niche for herself in the "sex bomb" department and I happen to like her better than Megan Fox so I'm all for that.

Thanks to for the pictures and much love to the cast of the King's Speech for getting best ensemble cast!

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  1. I really loved Mila Kunis's dress! I thought she looked gorgeous.