Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mall Haul

Today was a last hurrah of shopping for me and what a hurrah it was! I spent a little more than I had planned but I got all the stuff I was looking for and that never happens.

I got a faux fur vest today because on of the things I wanted to try this year was fur. I got it at Forever 21 and it kinda looks like this one except shorter and lighter and sans belt.

I have so many ideas for it! I just can't wait to wear it. It adds a bit of boho flair to a dressy outfit for evening.

I got two headbands with veils on them one looks like Isabella Blow and the other covers my face. SO IN LOVE. Sorry no pictures! I don't have my Mac with me.
I got them from Icing by Claire's so if you have one near you you might just be able to find one there too.

I splurged on a little roll on Couture Couture perfume by Juicy Couture. That and Viva la Juicy are my favorites.
Merci Sephora!

I love buying tiny bottles of perfume becuase I'm so ADD with scents this way I can have all the scents I want and change them arround as often as I want.

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