Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm supposed to be in class, but thanks to snow I'm not

Since it's cold outside this is a perfect opportunity to look into the future and seen what we'll be wearing this coming fall.

Lanvin's Pre-Fall collection is absolutely gorgeous and well, totally my style. I knew Alber and I were on the same wavelength.

I wish I had some of this fur today to keep me warm!

This outfit is so me! The dress is so perfect and the jewerly on the model fits it perfectly. It's a bit Victorian, but the length and the tights keep it modern. This is definitely my fave look.

Ahh a lot more fur in this look. Not crazy about the boots, but I am feeling the tweed. And I like how he mixed brown and black in this look.

Another Victorian-esque look. This is a perfect LBD, but that ruffle collar makes it unique.

This look. OMG. It's so stunning on this model, but I can only wonder what it will look like on some one with short legs like me. Oh well I can fantasize about this outfit when I fantasize about being 5'11".

Overall it seems this collection is saying that more is more. I think we can look forward to more covering up and more conservative dressing this autumn. But that goes along with the political climate in this country especially. Fashion and what's going on in the world are never out of touch.

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