Saturday, January 22, 2011

Save the Whales Eat Tuna: Skins Fashion

So I don't know how many of you watched the premiere of Skins on MTV, but I sure did. I was blown away because it had enough of the original to make it good and enough new plot to keep it interesting. You might not feel the same way, but this isn't your blog now is it? So lets take a look at the characters and what they're wearing in the promo pictures to see if we can determine what they might wear in the upcoming episodes.

Both American Michelle and British Michelle are pretty similar which I love. They're both for lack of a nicer word, bad-ass, and very stylish. They love dressing cute and trendy. In the first episode American Chelle wore lots of metallic accessories to a party, but then again she's always dressed for a party. I can tell she's going to me my favorite female character. I love both characters' hair an make-up. So pretty, but not over the top.
American Michelle:

The British character:

American Tony definitely dresses better than British Tony. British Tony was all about the polos whereas American Tony is very on trend. British Tony does know how to work a sweater though.
American Tony pulls off vests and other pieces better than any guy I know. I guess it's his cocky-ness. Note this is how I want my boyfriend to dress:

British Tony:

Eura and Effy:
I love Effy so much and her style has always inspired mine. I can't wait to see how they develop Eura in the American version. We've only seen Eura look rather terrible on the show, but her promo picture is gorgeous. Love her outfit! Fur+lacy dress= Danielle approved outfit. Both girls have the same crazy style especially in hair and makeup. Hopefully Eura will rock the fishnets like Effy did.


Cadie and Cassie:
I love Cadie. Her hair is absolutely gorgeous and she's so statuesque. Her and Cassie are definitely different. Cassie is a little farther out than Cadie and I feel more drawn to the American character. They both have their issues, but then who doesn't. Cassie's style was always a little bit hippie a lot a bit strange, but always eye catching. No one could pull off the Lolita look like her. Cadie's style is harder to pinpoint right now. She's kinda dressy like Michelle, but some of her clothes especially this one red lacy top are very Urban Outfitters trendy. Can't wait to see her style evolve.


The last character I'm talking about today is my favorite. Stanley and Sid are my crushes of the whole franchise (besides Cook, but that's another story) They are both lovably awkward and kinda dumb in a sweet way. I like that Stanley is kinda of a blond skater boy because that's very American. Seriously he looks like he's from California. Sid's style was like a typical boy's. The I don't care about clothes one. Stanley has a closet full of ironic t-shirts and is absolutely adorable.


I'm so excited for Monday. I will probably look at Tea's style after her episode.

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