Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ke$ha v. Lady Gaga: who is music's craziest fashionista?

I love Ke$ha and Lady Gaga's music equally and only a real fan can tell the difference between their music and their styles. Ke$ha is crazy for the sake of being a crazy fun party girl. And her music shows that. She of course has her soft side which Harold's Song proves. Lady Gaga is strange to stand out and be different. Her music is more varied than Ke$ha's and so is her style. Both are pretty awesome though becuase they show girls they don't need to be cookie cutter Abercrombie models to be awesome. Let's take a look at these girls' styles and what we can learn from them.

The most obvious lesson from Gaga is that pants are overated. I don't mind this being one of those girls who can never find a pair of jeans that fit her and one that feels most comfortable in a skirt or dress. But another lesson that is more important is accessories are everything. In order to take your look to the next level you don't have to wear a meat dress. Just add a fun hat or some cool looking gloves. Originality is key and Lady Gaga knows this better than anyone.

I have a crush on Ke$ha's style becuase she embraces tights better than anyone! She has a collection I envy and wears them with spunk. I mean she has taken the rockstar look to a whole new level. She mixes patterns more than anyone and it works becuase she wears it all with and I-don't-care attitude. She also experiments with makeup like I wish I could. Yah she kind of looks like she just rolled out of bed from an awesome party the night before, but she has an image to maintain.

Whose style is better? Well I'll leave that to you, my readers to decide. If you want to share feel free to comment!

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