Sunday, January 2, 2011

Even the Queen Knows Her Fashion

According to this wonderfully newsy article Queen Elizabeth II announced the 30th of December who the recipiants of Her Majesty’s 2010 New Year Honors List and many of them recieved the Order of the British Empire. As an American this is all completely foreign to me in more ways than one. As you might already know readers, I am obsessed with all things British so I eagerly clicked to read this article to see if I recoginized any names and a few certainly did pop out.

Alice Temperley.
I am a proud owner of a cute tank top from Alice Temperley by Target. But her other designs are far less humble. Her Spring 2011 collection is filled with the things I love most: good neutrals, animal prints, and feminity mixed with masculinity.

Lady Antonia Fraser.
A favorite of mine for quite a while being such the history hound that I am. She wrote the book on that ill-fated queen of France that inspired Sofia Coppola's film Marie Antoinette. A book which I have but have alas failed to read as of yet. Lady, now Dame, Fraser's own life is no less thrilling. I read a excerpt of her memoirs in Vogue and I also hope to obtain a copy of it.

Another honoree that I had never heard of before is Beatrix Ong footwear designer. Her approximately $500 shoes are lust worthy. Just look at this one called Isolde. I couldn't think of a more perfect name for this shoe. It's part warrior part princess much like its namesake.

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