Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Current Trends in Menswear

So this post is for mature audiences only. I usually don't have a filthy mouth, but today is an exception to that rule. So that being said the real title of this post is:

Douchebags in Plaid.

I love plaid, but on men it has become a cliche. Guys try to wear it to look "indie" or "hipster." These guys are posers. They are not forward thinking or alternative. Plaid is the new Abercrombie when it comes to prick alerts. Case and point even the guys of Jesery Shore have been caught wearing plaid. I happen to like Pauly D, but he still proves my point that plaid is the new Ed Hardy.

(not my picture. sorry pauly d for portraying you in a bad light. I still heart you)

This is a caveat to girls everywhere. Do not, I repeat DO NOT, judge a guy by his clothes. I have made that mistake more times than I can count. The guy I liked last, who was a complete asshole to me, was wearing plaid today. I would have been wooed by this attempt at looking nice, but I know not to be now. It's so much more important to get to know a guy on a deeper level before you try to develop any emotional attachment. Always guard your heart against handsome boys in trendy clothes. Unless you look like Brooklyn Decker then you will have to protect the guys hearts from you.

I also saw the cutest guy on my way to class. He was wearing plaid and hipster glasses. Very trendy. Now he might have been gay and if he was I apologize for judging him, but he was all over these girls that looked like every other girl on campus. You know the one. In a social sorority, tan, straight hair, UGG boots. Well needless to say I was disappointed in him. He wasn't any different from the frat boys that look douchy proudly and openly.

This all being said I hope there are some nice boys out there wearing plaid for the sake of humanity. This goes to show that your boy might dress nice, but that may just be a sign he's way too into himself for his own good.

Ok end of rant. This is solely the opinion of a single and jaded college girl (ie me) hope not to have offended you or scared you away from my blog.

To make up for all this here's a look ate the top looks from Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion week for men.

Thanks to the lovely designers at Alexander McQueen for restoring my faith in well-dressed men as I reviewed the collection. The whole line was wonderfully military inspired. Remember ladies: A man in uniform is always one to trust at least with the safety of your country if not the safety of your heart.

I almost drooled when I saw this picture. I really do love boys and this photo shows why. Sweaters are my weakness and so are good looking guys so..... I will never believe a man in a cardigan is a jerk and I will blindly believe this till I'm proven otherwise.

Thanks Pringle of Scotland for that look.

Thanks to you readers for bearing with me. More positive posts to come because no one likes a Debbie Downer!

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