Monday, January 3, 2011

Inspiration from unexpected sources: Country Stars

I live in the South and go to a school that might be considered by many to be in the Deep South so I'm around country music a lot. I used to love it when I was little and then I went to high school and was an indie music snob I hated it. Right now I like it. I really can't wait till Country Strong comes out.

Taylor Swift:
I've looked at her fashion before and it's worth another look because she's my favorite.
At award shows she looks flawless, in magazines she looks editorial, on stage she looks glamorous and comfortable and out and about she looks approachable. She has many styles, but they are all uniquely her.
This is a favorite outfit of her's. I can't get over it. The patterned tights, the striped dress. It's so effortless.

Miranda Lambert:
She made my favorite CD right now, Revolution. Her style is a bit more country than Taylor's but so is her voice. More tomboy than girly-girl Miranda has a simple style. She doesn't over accessorize and never wears too much make-up, but keeps her look exciting by wearing prints to red carpet events. She also has a curvy body type and knows how to work it.

Lady Antebellum:
I absolutely love this band. The song "Need You Now" is getting kind of old, but still. The whole band has a casual style that mixes country with rock and roll.

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