Monday, January 31, 2011

SAG Awards top three

It might just be my mood, or I can blame it on the rainy weather, but I was underwhelmed and bored looking at the fashions at the SAG awards. I'll give the show its due because it just became a higher profile event in the past few years and it's not covered as much as the Oscars. It seems like the "old pros" took this fact and ran with it. They decided to relax and refrain from taking huge risks. But the newbies/younger generation went in some exciting directions:

Hailee Steinfeld wearing Prada, was the breakout young star of the award's season. She was so good in True Grit. Her dress isn't my taste, but it makes her look her age because it's bright and fun. She's also tiny so she can pull off the horizontal stripes.

Jennifer Lawrence, in Oscar de la Renta, is another young breakout star of the season. She stared in Winter's Bone which I saw this Friday. It was gritty role so it was definitely a tough one. She was the best thing about the movie which was overall just depressing. It was a good portrait of life in the poorer regions of America that don't get talked about a lot. Love the bright color of the dress because it stands out amidst all the black that is so popular on the red carpet.

Mila Kunis, in Alexander McQueen, looks stunning. She kind of copied Michelle Obama though, but I'm biased towards McQueen so anyone who wears him gets mad props from me. The dress is so mysterious and sexy she's really filling out a niche for herself in the "sex bomb" department and I happen to like her better than Megan Fox so I'm all for that.

Thanks to for the pictures and much love to the cast of the King's Speech for getting best ensemble cast!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh British Skins you have proved to be the best yet again

Last night at 12:30 I watched the first episode of the third generation on Skins. I'm sure most fans were like me, a bit skeptical about the new cast because there is no tie to the previous generations. But this new episode was fantastic and proved why the Skins franchise is the most relatable and believable tv show for teens out there.

The character whose story line was followed in the premiere episode was Franky Fitzgerald. Franky's style is unique and one worth emulating if you are brave or finding inspiration from if you're more cautious. But I'll get to that later. First we have to talk about the episode itself. Most characters have their own styles on shows, but on this series of Skins, there's a variety of different looks. The popular girls Mini, Grace, and Liv dress differently. Mini is the blonde beauty who dresses like she's going to the club. Liv dresses like Jal from the first series with crazy colors and if she lived in America her clothes would come from Forever 21 and Wet Seal. Grace is just like me. She dresses girly with lace and her favorite stores are probably vintage. I love the fact that Skins is showing high schoolers they need to find their own style and not dress just like their friends. I will definitely be looking into Grace's style when her episode comes out. I'm going to be taking inspirations from her for sure.

Other reasons Skins is amazing is that they had an situation of cyber-bullying which is becoming unfortunately popular these days. And Franky has two dads and was adopted, but she accepts herself for who she is. Younger people and even people my age need to learn to love themselves. And Franky learns she's pretty awesome the way she is.
Her style is a bit La Roux meets menswear to the max. She chopped all her hair off for that new look everyone, including myself has either tried or is currently doing now, and she uses menswear pieces to accentuate her petite frame. Her eyes and body type keep her from looking boyish and make her look waif-like.
Anyone can introduce menswear pieces into their wardrobe. They make a great contrast to any super frilly outfit. You can even go all out for a tuxedo which could look very sexy.
The main thing I want you to take away from Franky is that she's true to her no-makeup look and when she tries out another look she realizes it's not her. You can always experiment with your look just don't change yourself completely.

Thanks to for making my life worthwhile again because I now have two Skins to watch. Oh and thanks for the pictures too!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting back to what I love.... Couture

I say this all the time, but Jean Paul Gaultier's collection was stunning. It was a perfect mixture of crazy couture and easy (well easier) to wear pieces. The whole collection fits my style right now. I love black and this has lots of that, but then I also love bright colors and crazy patterns and this line had that as well. He used Farida Khelfa a gorgeous French actress as a model to show that fashion isn't just for twenty-somethings. Overall the collection was punk meets French cabaret. The show even closed with a can-can dancer! Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the greats. He is also such a forward thinker being one of the firsts to use Crystal Renn after she went "plus sized." I look forward to his shows ever year to see what surprise he has in store this time.

Farida Khelfa

Wow just wow

Thanks for making me a dress to wear to formal Jean Paul!

I want some bold, daring and frightfully tall and skinny to wear this to a premiere. Please?? Get on that Rachel Zoe.

This would be an amazing Oscar dress and you can't tell here, but when it first walked down the runway the train of the dress was used as a wrap.

Because I'm crazy (or maybe engaged to Sid Vicious) I would make this my wedding dress in a heartbeat. The back of the dress has a lovely detail because that choker comes down in pretty chains.

Here's a lovely example of his bright colors that contrasted with all that black.

thanks to for the pictures and for adding the new "see it in motion" feature.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Couture Couture Part 2

Karl Lagerfeld never bores. This collection yet again updates the whole feel of the fashion house into a new century. The sparkle was undeniable and there was a certain contrast to the collection. Some pieces, like the pants were definitely tough and the tops and dresses flowed well. I want so many jackets and I'm seeing a continuation of the trend I recently read about, wearing dresses over skinny cut pants. Chanel does this well. The color scheme says "spring" with it's pastels focusing mainly on blue and especially pink. Again this is another approachable collection that I would happily drop down some serious dough for if I had any.

thanks to for the pictures and for the previous post as well

Couture Couture part 1

So I looked at Armani Prive late last night and I'm going to share my thoughts and favorite looks.
The whole collection was very space age-y and I loved the hats because it reminded me of a hat Isabella Blow wore. This features some "new" metallics which I love. I have seen very few people wear such a shiny purple color except on their nails. Love the head pieces and the whole collection is structurally very interesting, yet wearable. Especially the pants.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm So Vain

Photobooth on Mac is so fun. Here's a little photoshoot I did with my outfit today. It's so hard to take pictures of one's self!

Sweater: Pink with pearls sewn on- H&M
Skirt: Black knit with sewn in pleats- Sonia Reykiel for H&M
Tights: Grey Leopard print- The Gap
Shoes: High heeled booties- H&M
Black shirt underneath who knows
Headband with veil: Icing by Claires

It's Haute Couture Time!

I shouldn't be blogging, but it's couture fashion week my favorite time of year. I will just gush over John Galliano's collection for Dior Spring 2011.

First off it's so wearable! There are beautiful handcrafted pieces in this collection that if you have the money you could wear around town and people wouldn't look at you funny. Second it's red which is one of my favorite colors to wear. It makes a woman look so sexy. And third I see bits of Isabella Blow in here. WIth the hats, headpieces, and masks especially. I can't wait to wear my veil and channel Dior. Fourth look at those jackets!! They are to die for. And fifth Karolina Kurova is strutting down the runway which I love.

I want some one anyone to wear these on the red carpet. If I ever land a role in a Quentin Tarantino film I will I promise.

Thanks for the pictures

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Danielle's top movies of this awards season

This is the first time I've done this especially on purpose, but I wasted a lot of money watching all the Golden Globe nominees for best motion picture drama. Some of them have definitely been worth my money so let's take a look at all of them.

Black Swan

The Fighter


The King's Speech

The Social Network

I've already talked about "The Black Swan." Was it a waste of my money? No because I really wanted to see it. Would I recommend seeing it? On DVD yes go knock yourself out. The acting was great and the costumes by Rodarte were amazing. It was a fashion picture to be sure.

"The Fighter" was so super amazing. I saw it yesterday and it was worth every penny and I know I want to see it again. Christian Bale did a great job acting and Mark Wahlberg looked fantastic. I told my friend that I dragged a long with me to see it that I wanted to date a boxer now. It had great "fight" scenes, but the story was so good. It's about Mickey (Mark Wahlberg) stepping out of the shadow of his crack-addicted brother who was a former boxing legend. It's worth watching because guys will like the violence and the girls will enjoy the drama and seeing Mark shirtless, I know I did.

"Inception" was pretty good. I redboxed it which was a good decision on my part. It was rather confusing and the plot was very farfetched and random, but the action was great. I didn't even mind that it had Juno girl in it. I particularly enjoyed the playing of "Je Ne Regrette Rien" throughout the movie. It fits with the plot and is one of my favorite songs.

OMG "The King's Speech." So good. Colin Firth is truly the best actor out there. He's so versatile and you really believed in his character. King George VI is a favorite of mine because he his crown in on the keep calm and carry on posters. He also stepped up and was king even when he didn't really want to. He overcame so much and it kind of reminds us that people in power are real people with real problems.

"The Social Network" is a movie to definitely see. It's about something that changed my generation forever so it's an important piece of cinematic history. The dialogue was smart and witty and well I enjoyed watching Jesse Eisenberg. He's pretty easy on the eyes.

So that's the amateur film critic in me. This has nothing to do with fashion sorry, but they might make good Halloween costume ideas! Dress like the Queen Mother that would be cute or a crazy ballerina.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Save the Whales Eat Tuna: Skins Fashion

So I don't know how many of you watched the premiere of Skins on MTV, but I sure did. I was blown away because it had enough of the original to make it good and enough new plot to keep it interesting. You might not feel the same way, but this isn't your blog now is it? So lets take a look at the characters and what they're wearing in the promo pictures to see if we can determine what they might wear in the upcoming episodes.

Both American Michelle and British Michelle are pretty similar which I love. They're both for lack of a nicer word, bad-ass, and very stylish. They love dressing cute and trendy. In the first episode American Chelle wore lots of metallic accessories to a party, but then again she's always dressed for a party. I can tell she's going to me my favorite female character. I love both characters' hair an make-up. So pretty, but not over the top.
American Michelle:

The British character:

American Tony definitely dresses better than British Tony. British Tony was all about the polos whereas American Tony is very on trend. British Tony does know how to work a sweater though.
American Tony pulls off vests and other pieces better than any guy I know. I guess it's his cocky-ness. Note this is how I want my boyfriend to dress:

British Tony:

Eura and Effy:
I love Effy so much and her style has always inspired mine. I can't wait to see how they develop Eura in the American version. We've only seen Eura look rather terrible on the show, but her promo picture is gorgeous. Love her outfit! Fur+lacy dress= Danielle approved outfit. Both girls have the same crazy style especially in hair and makeup. Hopefully Eura will rock the fishnets like Effy did.


Cadie and Cassie:
I love Cadie. Her hair is absolutely gorgeous and she's so statuesque. Her and Cassie are definitely different. Cassie is a little farther out than Cadie and I feel more drawn to the American character. They both have their issues, but then who doesn't. Cassie's style was always a little bit hippie a lot a bit strange, but always eye catching. No one could pull off the Lolita look like her. Cadie's style is harder to pinpoint right now. She's kinda dressy like Michelle, but some of her clothes especially this one red lacy top are very Urban Outfitters trendy. Can't wait to see her style evolve.


The last character I'm talking about today is my favorite. Stanley and Sid are my crushes of the whole franchise (besides Cook, but that's another story) They are both lovably awkward and kinda dumb in a sweet way. I like that Stanley is kinda of a blond skater boy because that's very American. Seriously he looks like he's from California. Sid's style was like a typical boy's. The I don't care about clothes one. Stanley has a closet full of ironic t-shirts and is absolutely adorable.


I'm so excited for Monday. I will probably look at Tea's style after her episode.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Latest News From the Fashion World

New Model:
Arizona Muse is American fashion's favorite new face. She stared in a editorial in February 2011 Vogue and before that she opened and closed the Spring/Summer 2011 ready to wear show for Prada. Now she's staring in Prada and Yves Saint Laurent ads. She is a new face and name to know so be on the look out for her! She has a unique look and her eyebrows are something else.

New Designer:
What happens when Lady Gaga meet menswear? Well simply look at Thierry Mugler's line for men simply entitled Mugler designed by wunderkind Nicola Formichetti. It's an interesting mix of wearable suits and over the top looks. I love looking at high fashion for men.

Watch the promo video here with a new song by Lady Gaga.

This is my job to keep you updated on the latest and greatest!