Friday, January 7, 2011

A woman that doesn't wear perfume has no future

That lovely quote by Coco Chanel is the theme of today's post. I can't vouch to it's truth, but it's a clever marketing ploy. I've read, and maybe you have too, that a woman should have one signature scent. Ha! That would never happen with me. I've already said how ADD I am with perfumes and really it makes sense because there are different scents for different occasions and seasons. Here are the perfumes I have and I'll tell you what I use them for. All of these lovely items can be found at Sephora.

The first perfume I ever purchased was Burberry Classic. It definitely has a more masculine feel which I love and is the perfect winter and fall fragrance. It sounds weird but it smells intoxicating with leather. I wore it a lot with these little leather bracelets and the scent would latch on there for days.

The second perfume that was added to my collection was Miss Dior Cherie. It's so fun and light I wear it to school or those rare casual dates. It has a bit of Patchouli in it from keeping it from smelling too sweet which I adore. I don't want to smell like a dessert thank you very much!

Then I bought these little lipglosses that had perfume rollers on the other end containing Clinque Happy. This was my favorite throughout high school because its light to wear to class, but keeps on for quite a while. And the roller was nice for re-applying.

Then came Gucci by Gucci. This is probably the most daring fragrance I own. It's definitely a night scent and best for fall and winter. Now this is what I'm saving to wear on that hot date with a really rich man. It's that kind of perfume. According to Sephora it has Guava, Pear, Tahitian Tiare Flower, Musk, Honey, Patchouli notes. Which makes it exotic, feminine, and masculine and the same time. I think that's important in a perfume becuase it gives the wearer a sense of mystery.

I got Daisy by Marc Jacobs a few Christmases ago when it first came out. It's floral, but not overly sweet. I wear it when I want to feel a bit fancier and for small gatherings and what not.

Then there are the Juicy Couture perfumes. I have three of them in small bottles. My favorites are Viva la Juicy and my recent purchase Couture Couture. All of them are very versitile and I can wear them whenever. I guess these three are the closest to being my signature becuase I love them so much.

These perfumes are on my wishlist. They are definitely investments and are a bit "older" than me. As soon as I get my first job I will reward myself with Flowerbomb by Victor and Rolf and for my first serious date Pure Poison will do. And when I'll wear Narciso Rodriguez for Her... well I'll never tell.

Scents are a very worthwhile investment. Who cares if you look good if you don't smell good? If you are not sure what your first high-end fragrance purchase should be and if you have cash to spend I would reccomend Coco Mademoiselle because it's classic, sophisicated and perfect for the workplace and a night on the town. I can't wait to get it and wear it to my first Chanel fashion show! One day....

Good luck dears!

All pictures have been taken from the Sephora website a great resource for fragrence shopping. I always compared scents there before I bought them in store.

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