Saturday, April 2, 2011

About this Blog

I love clothes and I always will, but fashion as an industry? Not so much anymore. If I come back to this blog it will be less about fashion and more about feeling pretty and loving life. I'm tired of writing my opinion for awhile so I'm taking a break from blogging.

Fashion doesn't move me in that way anymore and I'm not sad about it

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Paris J'taime

I am behind as usual on the shows so I've been reviewing them this morning. I'm getting tired of posting my thoughts about the collections because in the grand scheme of things who cares about my opinion? So I'll just give you my favorite looks from my favorite designers sans (a lot of) comments. Don't worry I'll be back in an opinionated mood soon.

Warrior meets Star Wars at Victor & Rolf

Classic Knits at Sonia Rykiel

Undeniable Genius (I'm willing to have him take over Chanel because he and Karl have similar style) at Haider Ackerman

Old Fashioned Glamor at Jean Paul Gaultier

Mixed Prints and Textures at Comme de Garcones

Lady Gaga (oh and some pretty cool clothes) at Thierry Mugler

The most talked about and most swashbuckling show goes to... Christian Dior.

Minimalism at its best at Lanvin

Couldn't pick just one from Vivianne Westwood

Thanks This is such a strong season in Paris so far and we haven't even seen Chanel or YSL yet!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bonjour Paris! Finally Some Excitement

Dries van Noten! Oh thank you for spicing up the upcoming fall season. Here so many rules were broken: blue for the winter, mixing black with brown accessories, and mixing prints like no other. This collection reminds me of my grandma, in a good way of course, she loved blue and orange and together she would have absolutely had a fit. I'm pretty sure she would have bought one of those dresses for me if not for herself! I love how fancy Dries van Noten is without being over the top. It's not crazy to the point where I doubt the wearability of the pieces.

Hussein Chalayan could not be more different from Dries van Noten. The "fanciness" from this collection is in the construction not the prints. It's definitely minimalist because the most complicated prints look like window blinds. Here the black/brown rule is broken as well. You can also tell that Chalayan is toning down his work to make it more wearable. This is a long way from the robotic dress from when I first discovered him. But he's making money off Lady Gaga I'm pretty sure.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars Review

This will be one of many out there in the blogosphere I'm sure, but since I haven't blogged in a while I might as well post it!

The way my roommate described the red carpet looks is basically what most of it was "simple." She loves that stuff but it bores me to tears so these ladies did something unexpected (or in Helena Bonham Carter's case I guess it wasn't) and exciting.

My top five were basically the same from the Golden Globes, what a surprise. But I guess it's nice that these ladies dress with consistency.
Michelle Williams is just a breath of fresh air in Hollywood starlets. She's not scarily tanned and her hair is short and trendy. Her choices are always on the ball. I've seen her been called on Tumblr "the Audrey Hepburn" of this generation. That's pretty accurate.
Oh Helena. You are awesome and never boring. I'm so happy her movie won Best Picture. It made up for those blue people winning last year.
Hi Florence! Please sing at the Oscars every year ok? That dress is so pretty and so her.
Mila Kunis is quickly becoming a fashion icon. She's on the ever important spring fashion issue cover for W. That's a long way from that 70s Show.
Hailee Steinfeld really needs to be looked up to more by the younger girls. If they had her style and class we wouldn't even have to worry about what Miley was wearing.

I have to give a shout out to my directing demigod Francis Ford Coppola who won a lifetime achievement award. And a shout out to that bow tie too!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Definition of Style

This is a break from all my fashion week posts which were getting a little monotonous if you ask me. I'll wait until Paris fashion week picks up. Now I'm going to share with you what I really want my blog to be about and what I probably have been straying away from here. Yes clothes are my favorite things and there are some purses that I have that I love more than certain people I know (that's not really hard if you knew all the jerks I've almost dated), but clothes are the only component of style. I want to define it here for you now.

style [staɪl]

Is the way a person feels, dresses and acts. ie a person with style respects herself by dressing well and respects others by treating them with kindness and politeness even when it is unmerited.

Having style shouldn't be just wearing the right labels, but knowing how to express yourself through clothes and know what fits your body. Feel beautiful inside and out then the "outward" style will come naturally.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Gratzi Rossella Jardini

Moschino is totally the most inspirational show at Milan fashion week. At first it started off with the odd hat trend, but if you look at those first looks with a deconstructive eye you see huge potential in the jackets and other pieces by themselves. Then it heads into awesome territory (so eloquent I know) with the gold and plain material layered together. Then it gets even better and more lady-like. It's so freaking awesome because it doesn't say seventies like the rest of the collections this season, but instead harkens back to an era of Russian Imperialism and moves gently into the early 20th century. Overall it's really 1910s and looks like World War One an overlooked era in fashion. Trust me I've read more books about the last Romanovs than you ever knew existed.
I will look back on this for seasons to come for inspiration.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Prada not Frauda

Prada toned down the crazy colors of last season to bring us a more minimalist feel, as much minimalism as Miuccia can do at least. My favorite looks were the sequined dresses at the end, but I also loved the new geometric/art nouveau feel she gave to plaids. Also loving the snake skin socks/boots whatever the heck they are. The fur was tastefully except those hats... what is it with ugly hats this season?