Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars Review

This will be one of many out there in the blogosphere I'm sure, but since I haven't blogged in a while I might as well post it!

The way my roommate described the red carpet looks is basically what most of it was "simple." She loves that stuff but it bores me to tears so these ladies did something unexpected (or in Helena Bonham Carter's case I guess it wasn't) and exciting.

My top five were basically the same from the Golden Globes, what a surprise. But I guess it's nice that these ladies dress with consistency.
Michelle Williams is just a breath of fresh air in Hollywood starlets. She's not scarily tanned and her hair is short and trendy. Her choices are always on the ball. I've seen her been called on Tumblr "the Audrey Hepburn" of this generation. That's pretty accurate.
Oh Helena. You are awesome and never boring. I'm so happy her movie won Best Picture. It made up for those blue people winning last year.
Hi Florence! Please sing at the Oscars every year ok? That dress is so pretty and so her.
Mila Kunis is quickly becoming a fashion icon. She's on the ever important spring fashion issue cover for W. That's a long way from that 70s Show.
Hailee Steinfeld really needs to be looked up to more by the younger girls. If they had her style and class we wouldn't even have to worry about what Miley was wearing.

I have to give a shout out to my directing demigod Francis Ford Coppola who won a lifetime achievement award. And a shout out to that bow tie too!

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