Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bongiorno Milan!

Let's take a look at Gucci's 90 anniversary show shall we?
You wouldn't expect anything less than what you got at the Gucci show yesterday: colored fur, shiny fabrics, and leather of course. The colors were bright and laughed in the face of anyone who has that you have to wear boring colors in the fall and winter. Though I saw nothing in particular that I would wear except a snakeskin purse in a look I featured here, Gucci did not disappoint because it kept the traditional feel of the brand while livening it up at the same time. Even if you loved every look, but alas can't afford it you can still take inspiration from it. Wear bright shiny fabrics this spring and go for more slouchy flared pants that go with this season's theme of 70s fashion. Also never forget that classes touches like scarves can go a long way.

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