Sunday, February 6, 2011

New singers and their style part 2

The fashion world is experiencing that "calm before the storm" with the arrival of Fall/Winter 2011 fashion week upon us, so let's look at some new singers that I discovered thanks to Nylon Magazine.

Her voice is so fresh and classic at the same time. And she is just down right gorgeous. She's of Guyana and Indian decent which makes her looks so unique and exotic. Her style is also unique. She favors bright colors and isn't afraid to mix colors together.

I'm quite obsessed with her music. It's so different from anything I've ever heard before. She has that singer/song writer sound of those like Vanessa Carlton, without being whiny and annoying (sorry Vanessa). She's a great alternative to those female singers they play over and over again on the radio. She needs more fans for sure! This song is so sultry and the music video is genius.

An awesome new punk band whose lead singer is female. Brody Dalle is the new Joan Jett. She's got the whole rockstar package and is beautiful to boot. Her style is classic rock and roll and any girl looking to update her look to appear more "bad-ass" can take cues from Brody. She is hardcore without losing her feminine side.

Ghetto Love is such a cool song. It's a new take on punk music that's more mainstream without "selling out." That's what I think in my limited knowledge of punk. She sounds like P!nk and this music video reminds me of Panic! at the Disco. Interesting combo.

She is not a new singer, but I have just recently started listening to her. Her style and music defy labels. She clearly loves animal prints and wears brand names in an ironic way. She's probably my favorite American singer right now. She also embraces other loud prints and colors.

It's hard to pick a favorite song of hers. So let's just pick one with a unique, to say the least, music video.

These French mademoiselles put American girl bands to shame as far as their style goes. They look like high fashion queens which is no surprise because they are French. They each have their own style.

This song is so cute. And the clothes in this video make me want to buy something outrageous and shiny. They have that mod look as far as their make-up goes too.