Sunday, February 20, 2011

Favorite Time of the Year: London Fashion Week

When MercedesLFW started following me on twitter I knew it was time to start getting excited about my favorite foreign city's fashion week. It's just getting warmed up of course so here are the top of the pops so far. Pictures from

Matthew Williamson:
I will never forgive H&M for preventing me from getting a piece from his collab with them. Oh well. Here's some new pieces to drool over that make one think of a tropical vacation in Russia with drag queens. Let me explain. Russia= all the fur in the collection, Williamson's traditional flower prints= tropical and drag queen= Feathers + Sequins. It basically equates to my idea of heaven.

I like their bags the best (I own one from their collab with Target and I can currently be spotted toting it), but their clothes aren't half bad. This collection inspires me to say "Yes my dog is an accessory" and "Of course I can wear lavender in the fall." Merci beaucou. Also it seems literal animal prints are in. Birds all over your dress anyone?

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