Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Favorite European Singers and Their Style

I'm obsessed with female singers right now. I used to just like boy bands (not THOSE kinds of boy bands just bands with boys in them) so I broadening my horizons. Plus I can't really copy Jack White's style seeing as how I'm a girl. But anyway these are my obsessions along with my favorite songs of theirs.

Jessie J
I discovered her on Henry Holland, of House of Holland's, blog. She was wearing the most gorgeous tights he designed and I fell in love. Her music is snappy and her voice sounds a lot like Natasha Bedingfield, but a lot more hip-hop. Her style is basically bad-ass almost like a British Ke$ha, but more relatable in her lyrics and sense of fashion.
She embraces tights as a huge fashion statement like no other. She's just plain gorgeous.

Here's my favorite song of hers

look at that hair! and that top! Total girl crush alert. oh and she can sing live? perfect!

Ida Maria
This girl's songs are so honest and edgy. I want singers like her to get more press than the subpar singers we Americans are obsessed with. Also her style is so punk. She mixes pieces that I would never have thought to put together. One of these pictures she were a fringe-y flapper dress with tons of gold jewelry and a leather jacket. Genius. Street style at it's best.

Her voice is truly rock and role. She has that raspy voice that makes everything she sings uber punk sounding.

Kate Nash

She's no newbie to the music scene listened to her in high school, but I haven't really looked at her style until now. She is adorable! Her style is girly and kinda 1940's vintage.

My favorite song of hers was my anthem in high school because it was my life. Oh dear it's my life now too. Her music is real and relatable.

Marina of Marina and the Diamonds
She is just super pretty and her style is eclectic it looks like she found the best thrift stores and found the stuff that looks amazing on her. She looks glam and laid back at the same time, which is a hard, but important, balance to have.

Love this song. I can't even describe her sound it's so unique. And the music video dare I say lady gaga-esque?

Of course I have to talk about Adele. I am patiently awaiting her next album 21 coming out this month. She is probably one of the most inspiring singers out there. She lets no one define her and she embraces her body type. She also knows how to use those vintage styles to fit her body and not look old.

Oh this song..... her voice.... there are no words.

Listen to these ladies and take inspiration from them!

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