Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentines Day is Soon Start Shopping

I thought I'd do this post today because soon I will be posting about nothing but fashion week. Anyway I'm going to say up front I hate Valentines Day. It's the burden that every girl without a significant other has to bear. Luckily my parents are coming down to my college town to visit me and I hope to shower me with gifts if not money. But for all you who are currently attached to someone else here are some pretty gift ideas for both sexes.

I you are a guy who happened to stumble on this blog here are some gifts for your lady friend or if you're a lady with a lady friend whatever goes.

This is a cute ring from Kate Spade aptly named "date night" Trust me this will show how much you care because it is way better than flowers, but she won't get it confused with an engagement ring.

If you two have been together for quite a while then you might be able to giver her this gift. I would like it just from the way it's packaged. Cute Juicy Couture stuff is always a safe bet. $45 at Bloomingdales.

If you are budget conscious go and by her a couple of red nail polishes. You don't have to be a color expert just pick ones you think she might like. Essie has every shade of red you could imagine. That brand is available at Trade Secret and Ulta, but if you fear going near a salon will hurt your street cred Target has nice brands.

Most girls put a lot of meaning to gifts so try and do something different than the whole candy and flower routine.

Guys are tough to buy for especially if you're like me and have never bought a gift for a guy besides your dad.

I know some girls are comfortable buying boxers for their guys so by all means go ahead. Another great idea is to cook dinner for him and pull the whole "housewife" thing as long as he understands that's temporary. And you can never go wrong with wallets or watches.

If I were a guy this is what I would want. If that helps at all:
I have an obsession with pens so if I was a guy I would like a Mont Blanc pen. They're super snazzy (read: expensive) and they have a John Lennon pen. I have yet to meet a guy who hasn't listed the Beatles as one of his favorite bands. This is about $1000 though I think so your man best be getting you a Tiffany V-day present that's all I'm saying.

Moleskine anything would be a great touch. They have affordable things for the most part. This would be great for a man of business to keep his phone.

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