Friday, February 25, 2011

Gratzi Rossella Jardini

Moschino is totally the most inspirational show at Milan fashion week. At first it started off with the odd hat trend, but if you look at those first looks with a deconstructive eye you see huge potential in the jackets and other pieces by themselves. Then it heads into awesome territory (so eloquent I know) with the gold and plain material layered together. Then it gets even better and more lady-like. It's so freaking awesome because it doesn't say seventies like the rest of the collections this season, but instead harkens back to an era of Russian Imperialism and moves gently into the early 20th century. Overall it's really 1910s and looks like World War One an overlooked era in fashion. Trust me I've read more books about the last Romanovs than you ever knew existed.
I will look back on this for seasons to come for inspiration.

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