Thursday, July 22, 2010

Material Girl

I recently discovered that I was a closet Madonna fan. I've always loved songs like Vogue and Material Girl (the anthem of my life), but her recent ad campaigns with Dolce and Gabbana have made me fall in love with her.

This is from the Spring/Summer 2010 ad campaign and I discovered from buying the August issue of Vogue that they have continued using her as their muse for the Fall.

The ads themselves capture the heart of rustic Italy where D&G reign. They capture as well an another era when women were sexy and powerful in their dress. The fall collection was beautiful and Madonna's campaign shows it well.

A look from the collection.

Madonna has continued to be a fashion powerhouse by designing sunglasses for Dolce and Gabbana as well as designing a juniors clothing line with her daughter for Macy's. The line debuts soon the 3rd of August and is called Material Girl.