Saturday, April 24, 2010

Exciting News!!

I was looking on the "Week in Review" on and I learned that Erin Fetherson will be a guest designer for Juicy Couture!!! This is every girly-girl's dream come true and honestly P & G couldn't made a better decision.

Erin's style is very, well ethereal. It is understated in terms of color; she mainly uses black, white, and pale pastels, but over the top in terms of frill and fun. It is very fairy tale like and girly which fits in well with Juicy Couture. I hope she adopts some of their color and brings in a bit of her classy side. Sweat suits aside Juicy really is cute and fun and I think the two of them are a perfect match.

I've loved Erin since I saw Wendybird which was directed by Ellen von Unwerth and stared Kirsten Dunst. It was the epitome of Ethereal Style and I strive to emulate it.

I was lucky enough to get a cute top from her collaboration with Target as well. It's tiered just like this dress:

Here's a look from her Spring 2008 collection that I think defines her style:

I am a huge Juicy Couture fan. I own several t-shirts and other cute tops and bags. I'm obsessed.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lily Donaldson Tribute to McQueen

Thanks to The Front Row View I saw these lovely shots by Steven Klein from Vogue Paris.

These pictures give me goose-bumps. The styling is magnificent and duh Alexander McQueen's clothes are perfection.

This reminds me of the tribute to him by Hamish Bowles in Vogue which is an absolute must read. I was reading it on the plane home from NYC and I cried much to the chagrin of the grumpy man sitting next to me.

Credit: Vogue Paris

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bridal Fashion Week Spring 2011

I know quite a few people getting married soon so I thought I'd do a post on Bridal fashion.

Vera Wang:
Probably the most important and well known wedding dress designer. Ruffles, draping and tulle where Wang's main materials and styles. They were all very pretty and no dress looked a like. Wang even played with different colors and not just the typical white and off white, but gray as well.

Carolina Herrara
The dresses in Herrara's bridal collection ranged from simple to over the top and they each had a vintage feel. Different headpieces were featured as well. Not just the traditional vail, but garden party-esque hats. Each dress had a unique detail. The second to the last dress looked very Spanish a shout out to Herrera's heritage.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sex and the City 2

Sorry I've been so absent lately! Finals are coming up so I've been very busy. But I knew I had to post about this:

Sex and the City is a show that made me realize I HAD to move to NYC. It sounds silly, but it's true. Carrie Bradshaw's style inspires me and well so does Sarah Jessica Parker's.

Here are some of my favorite Carrie outfits:

When she was in Paris in the final episode she wore this beautiful gown.

Ok so I love all her Paris outfits.

I love how she adapts her wardrobe to fit the place she is traveling to. I try to do that too when I travel.
In the new movie they go to the desert and Carrie adapts her wardrobe well. Check out her turban!

the extended trailer is awesome! I can not wait to see the movie.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Japan Fashion week? has had Tokyo fashion week on its headlines for a while now. It has never really sparked my interest before, but with a little extra time on my hands for once I decided to check it out.

What first struck me was that very few of the models in the show that I looked at, Hisui, were Asian. Most were white. I guess Japan has become so Westernized that they perceive "american" to be attractive. I remember reading an article about Du Juan, a Chinese model, and how the Asians thought that she wasn't attractive enough because she looked too Chinese. Strange.

But on to the clothes. I liked the bright colors, but honestly this reminded me of a Project Runway collection. I don't know how long Hisui has been in business so I really shouldn't judge like that. Now if a Chanel collection looked like this then I could criticize.

Here are a few pieces: