Sunday, January 23, 2011

Danielle's top movies of this awards season

This is the first time I've done this especially on purpose, but I wasted a lot of money watching all the Golden Globe nominees for best motion picture drama. Some of them have definitely been worth my money so let's take a look at all of them.

Black Swan

The Fighter


The King's Speech

The Social Network

I've already talked about "The Black Swan." Was it a waste of my money? No because I really wanted to see it. Would I recommend seeing it? On DVD yes go knock yourself out. The acting was great and the costumes by Rodarte were amazing. It was a fashion picture to be sure.

"The Fighter" was so super amazing. I saw it yesterday and it was worth every penny and I know I want to see it again. Christian Bale did a great job acting and Mark Wahlberg looked fantastic. I told my friend that I dragged a long with me to see it that I wanted to date a boxer now. It had great "fight" scenes, but the story was so good. It's about Mickey (Mark Wahlberg) stepping out of the shadow of his crack-addicted brother who was a former boxing legend. It's worth watching because guys will like the violence and the girls will enjoy the drama and seeing Mark shirtless, I know I did.

"Inception" was pretty good. I redboxed it which was a good decision on my part. It was rather confusing and the plot was very farfetched and random, but the action was great. I didn't even mind that it had Juno girl in it. I particularly enjoyed the playing of "Je Ne Regrette Rien" throughout the movie. It fits with the plot and is one of my favorite songs.

OMG "The King's Speech." So good. Colin Firth is truly the best actor out there. He's so versatile and you really believed in his character. King George VI is a favorite of mine because he his crown in on the keep calm and carry on posters. He also stepped up and was king even when he didn't really want to. He overcame so much and it kind of reminds us that people in power are real people with real problems.

"The Social Network" is a movie to definitely see. It's about something that changed my generation forever so it's an important piece of cinematic history. The dialogue was smart and witty and well I enjoyed watching Jesse Eisenberg. He's pretty easy on the eyes.

So that's the amateur film critic in me. This has nothing to do with fashion sorry, but they might make good Halloween costume ideas! Dress like the Queen Mother that would be cute or a crazy ballerina.

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