Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Skins comes to the US and other ads

I've already posted awhile ago about my love for Skins. It's the most forwarded thinking and realistic show in Britain. Now it's coming to America. At first I was skeptical just like any true devotee of the show, but now because of their brilliant ad campaign I'm super excited. It's not totally fashion related, but I can say I am excited to see their clothes. But seriously a part of my job in the fashion world might be to design ad campaigns (one can only hope) and an effective campaign goes a long way. So here are my favorite ads coming up this season.

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I love all the girls' accessories. They are dressed perfectly for a party which sets up the mood for the show. It's so clever how they took all the bad things people have been saying about the show and used them in the campaign. It's definitely and "F-you" to the haters. I really can't get over how clever it is. The ad campaign reflects the show well.

These are some great new ad campaigns for fashion labels. I love Lindsey Wixson for Alexander McQueen. I was a bit skeptical about her versatility at first, but this is a gorgeous side of her.

My favorite fashion photographer is at it again! Juergen Teller is pushing boundaries by shooting Daria Werbowy with virtually no makeup on for an ad campaign. Celine is very fresh and clean like this campaign so it fits well. Daria has really never looked better and I for one support and move to wear less makeup!

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P.S. Wish me luck tomorrow I have an interview for a little internship at a local magazine.
P.P.S. Please notice how different these ads are! I tell you style is made of contrasts.

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