Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting back to what I love.... Couture

I say this all the time, but Jean Paul Gaultier's collection was stunning. It was a perfect mixture of crazy couture and easy (well easier) to wear pieces. The whole collection fits my style right now. I love black and this has lots of that, but then I also love bright colors and crazy patterns and this line had that as well. He used Farida Khelfa a gorgeous French actress as a model to show that fashion isn't just for twenty-somethings. Overall the collection was punk meets French cabaret. The show even closed with a can-can dancer! Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the greats. He is also such a forward thinker being one of the firsts to use Crystal Renn after she went "plus sized." I look forward to his shows ever year to see what surprise he has in store this time.

Farida Khelfa

Wow just wow

Thanks for making me a dress to wear to formal Jean Paul!

I want some bold, daring and frightfully tall and skinny to wear this to a premiere. Please?? Get on that Rachel Zoe.

This would be an amazing Oscar dress and you can't tell here, but when it first walked down the runway the train of the dress was used as a wrap.

Because I'm crazy (or maybe engaged to Sid Vicious) I would make this my wedding dress in a heartbeat. The back of the dress has a lovely detail because that choker comes down in pretty chains.

Here's a lovely example of his bright colors that contrasted with all that black.

thanks to for the pictures and for adding the new "see it in motion" feature.

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