Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh the weather outside it frightful (as I type this it's snowing)

So I live in Georgia (not the country I'm not that exciting) so hell yes I am a wuss when it comes to winter weather. This poses a huge problem for my abilty to live up North. Thank goodness New York City isn't in Maine or we'd have some issues. I really only own one wool coat and my snow boots are really rainboots. So I decided to look towards the Satorialist for some inspiration on how New Yorkers cope with this kind of weather.

It seems fur coats are the way to go. I am a friend of the animals so I say no to real fur, but is faux just as warm as the real thing? I've never tried one on because, honestly me walking around in a fur coat where I go to school is just not feasable. Not because of the animal rights activists, but becuase it's too hot. But it seems like an investment in the future:

(picture credit: the Satorialist)

Boots and hats are also something my winter wardrobe lacks.
Baker's always has pretty shoes and they are pretty affordable, too.
Here are some boots that are on my NYC wishlist:

they're only $80

Now for the hats. I'm not a hat person and really it takes a special kind of head to pull one off. But if the rumors are true and you loose most of your body heat from up there I guess one is required.
This kind of goes along with the menswear theme I was talking about yesterday. These types of hats are super warm so who cares if you have to look in the men's department to find one? This hat is from JC Penney's and is only $20.

So keep warm readers and if you have any tips please share!

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