Sunday, December 12, 2010

Menswear as Womenswear: Thanks Diane Keaton!

It's getting chillier as it gets father into the month of December and really the thought of wearing a skirt is a daunting one with these howling winds. That's why I thank my lucky stars that women have been able to wear pants as long as they have. My grandmother would tell me of when she was in school and she wasn't allowed to wear pants even on the coldest days. It's something we take for granted when we put our comfy pants on. That's why this post is a shout out to all the women who've been daring enough to go all out with this trend and wear suits. It's truly admirable.

I read an interview with Fran Lebowitz in the BUST magazine I was talking about yesterday. She really is something else and now I want to read her work. Her style is really forward thinking because she wore menswear before it was cool.
This picture is of her currently along side Diane von Furstenburg also displaying the trend by wearing a blazer.

We really have the movie "Annie Hall" to thank for giving us and designers years later the inspiration to feature this idea on the runway. She really dresses like an empowered female and even though I wasn't an empowered woman when I watched it(I rented it because it was my crush in high school's favorite movie. Oh I also have him to thank for my love of Burberry since he wore that cologne, but that's another story) it still gives me the courage to wear my suits proudly!

Girly-girls are giving it a try as well. Look at how lovely Leighton Meester looks here, but you all know how biased I am.

You don't have to go all out for your first foray into menswear. Just a vest or a blazer will do. If you get brave add a tie!
Trust me, men find this very attractive. The first time I was told I looked sexy was when I was wearing a rugby shirt that looked like I stole it from my boyfriend. Men want to be able to imagine you in their clothes because you know what that means you did before.....

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