Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fashionable Reading

So if there's such a thing as a clotheshorse I'm one and there also must be such a thing as a bookhorse. I am that as well. Currently I'm reading three books and I bought more. I thought I'd share what I'm reading that goes along with fashion.

I started Bill Blass's autobiography awhile ago, but I admit since I don't know that much about his clothes, other than he did revolutionize American Sportswear, I'm not all that into the book. I'll pick it back up one day I'm sure.

I just bought D.V. Diana Vreeland's autobiography, a first edition paperback oolala, at the used bookstore. I couldn't be more thrilled! I love Vreeland's life and her style. I wrote a paper on her a while back because she is really my role model in the world of fashion magazines. Apparently I got a steal because a new copy of the newer edition costs $50! Lucky me!

I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks, a Vogue contributor, is what I'm in the midst of reading now. It's so addicting and I love her tips. It's well written and is laid out like a magazine with tons of inspriational pictrues. It has also made me add a few more books to my wishlist like this next one.

Infinite Variety by Scot D. Ryersson and Michael Orlando Yaccarino is an account of the life and times of the world's most fabulous 20th century muse Marchesa Casti. She wore live snakes as jewelry and her exotic pets inspired Cartier's famous panther jewelry. She lived in the most fashionable era in history the late teens and early twenties. I'm ordering this book as soon as I finish all the rest.
Picture of the book, Tilda Swinton as Marchesa Casti for Acne Magazine (she's a deadringer for the late muse), and two pictures of Casti herself (none of which are mine):

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