Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ashley Graham: a real model

I often forget how awesome BUST magazine is. I mean the magazine has real balls. I hate that phrase, but I use it when it is appropriate and it is here. It's a magazine with attitude and it's for smart women who like their fashion with a side of sass. In the issue I got today Sophia Coppola is featured. That was the main reason why I got it. She's my idol. A woman who writes and directs her own movies? So rare (except for the lovely Nora Ephron)so it's so awesome they featured her on the cover. She's quite the fashion icon as well being a muse of Marc Jacobs.

But on with this post is really about: Ashley Graham. She is gorgeous. End of story. Now talk about models with curves! We need to see more of her! She caused a scandal last year when her Lane Bryant commercial was banned for showing too much cleavage. It's nice to see BUST has picked up on what a hot commodity she is. I think if we show women like this is in fashion magazines on a regular basis we'd have a change for the better in self esteem.

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