Monday, December 13, 2010

Best Trip to the Mall Ever (Lenox Square to be exact)

So I just got back from the most inspiring trip to the mall! I usually have a love/hate relationship with shopping because I'm so competitve when it comes to it. But I truely peaked today! I got a Vena Cava for Aqua at Bloomingdales dress for only $40! I was blown away because I didn't even know they did a collection for the store!
It looks almost exactly like this (I'm not gonna lie and say it fits perfectly, but oh well it was a bargin)

Another thing I discovered is that they are selling All Saints Clothes at Bloomingdales! Oh the discoveries I made today. I love All Saints stuff even before they shipped to the US and now I can drive to Atlanta and buy something from them?! Dream come true!
Apparently this new addition is on the downlow becuase you can't purchase All Saints stuff on the Bloomingdales site and there's no promotion for it. Oh well It's there.

Another inspiring thing was this girl I saw at Bloomingdales wearing the most incrediable outfit I had ever seen. Pink tights, navy blue vintage flats, a floral dress and a grey fur jacket that had bits of pink in it. She informed me most of her stuff was Tibi which is very chic.

Of course every trip is filled with disappointments. Madewell was not all that it was cracked up to be at least in the cheap range. And I saw no sign of the Alexa Chung line.

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