Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dressing Comfortably for Finals

Next week is finals week for my school and a few others. Many people dress in their pjs for this occasion, but I always argue that dressing up a little bit while still staying comfortable is a better way. You feel more confident and less sloppy so you can do your best.

TOMS will probably be my shoe of choice next week becuase they are so comfortable. It feels like you aren't wearing any shoes at all.
These are $55 on

Jeans are always comfortable and I like Old Navy's the best. But my "comfy pants" will always be tights and a skirt. Don't ask why it's just how I roll.

It's chilly so wear a sweater! There's nothing quite as comfy as a soft sweater.
This is definitely on my wishlist for after the holiday season when things go on sale. Gap's Cashmere dolman sweater is $128, but it would be worth every penny. It looks so comfortable and cashmere is the best hands down.

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