Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Own Alexander McQueen Retrospective Part Two

Continuing with my retrospective of McQueen I am posting A/W 1994-1995 collection which had the famous bumster pants.

It's hard to imagine anyone wearing these in real life and not getting arrested for indecent exposure. I certainly don't remember the fashion times back then so I can't really say for sure if its a comment on the times, but I'm sure it is.

Look at the beauty of the construction of that jacket! This would definitely be a staple in my wardrobe if I was lucky enough to find it at a vintage store.

McQueen was certainly ahead of the times. He used a pregnant model which is something I've certainly never seen before. This dress is so lovely and medieval.

This hat is so Isabella Blow. I think he had her in mind when he designed it.

I already talked about his Highland Rape Collection but I wanted to show these two new pictures I found. I love the bird jacket I would so wear it. And the other jacket so well constructed! McQeen's apprenticeship on Saville Row definitely shows in his impeccable tailoring,

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