Friday, December 3, 2010

Fashion Magazines: an amateur's critique part two

This entry is all about my favorite magazine Glamour. This might come as a surprise to many, but Vogue is not my favorite. I love it a lot because of their unparalleled editorials and photography and their writing is fantastic,but I'm not compelled to read it like I am compelled to read Glamour. It's the content and the design. Glamour has embraced alternative short forms to tell stories that make you want to read their longer stories. Vogue has a demographic that likes its current style, but I am not a member of it. I love reading Glamour, but of course there's no fashion coverage like Vogue.

Here's an example of Glamour's inside page design which makes for a more compelling read.

Another reason why I love Glamour so very much is their use of real sized models. They have paved the way the past few years for models like Crystal Renn and just normal women showing their real curves. It's encouraging.

I really want to work there one day. And I'm going to stop this before I ramble on.

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