Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kate Moss a natural

Thanks to I found this absolutely stunning photoshoot with Kate Moss and my favorite fashion photographer Juergen Teller. I could tell it was him taking the pictures because he has such a noticeable style. His pictures are the essence of my favorite word ethereal. The lighting and how the colors show up in the pictures is just stunning. These photos are of Kate in her natural habitat, her home in Gloucestershire England. She wears virtually no make-up and still looks as fabulous as ever. The photoshoot is for Self Service magazine which I had never heard of until just now, but looks like my new favorite zine.

I am so happy to see Kate Moss like this. I've loved her forever and she proves that some people get more beautiful with age (not that she's old by any means!).

I got most of the pictures off of here.

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