Monday, November 1, 2010

My Favorite Boutiques

I am more a fan of H&M than anything because who doesn't love having all the clothes they need in one place and for a decent price? And for me H&M is still relatively unknown in my town so I still have a level of originality when it comes to the pieces I wear from there. But there are times when I get a whim to shop in really unique places like boutiques. I personally have a low tolerance for some so called boutiques because they sell cheaply made products at twice the cost, but in my years of experience I have found two that are my absolute favorites. They might not be very well known and aren't in very well known places (they're my two hometowns) they're worth a look.

That is the Facebook fanpage of my absolute favorite boutique ever. I just bought a beautiful green sweater there today which made my day infinitely better. The whole store matches my style really well (UGA dresses aside), but everyone I know who has been in there has found something.

look at the pretty sleeve of my sweater!

Heart and Sole is another good up and coming store. They have clothes and shoes for every age from toddlers to older ladies. It's a bit on the expensive side, but they have lots of sales and best yet a huge selection of TOMS that's where I got mine.

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