Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lavin Hearts H&M: an epic tale

So if you follow me on twitter which I encourage you to do, you would have read about the problems I had this morning getting ahold of something from the Lavin for H&M collection.

The long and the short of it is that I live in a town with no H&M, but my parents live in a town with one. So I assigned them the ever important task of going to grab me a piece, anything, from the collection. Little did we know, but you had to register to shop the collection and wait in line. So my poor longsuffering parents had to wait around until they opened up that part of the store (which was roped off) to the "general public." When they called me I was really mad at the store. I believe it should be first come first serve and when you get to the store you should be able to go pick out what piece you want, like they did for Sonia Reykiel's collection, but I got my shirt so no worries. I guess this is a learning experience for the next designer collaboration.

DId anyone score an even better piece than my shirt?? I would post pictures of it, but my parents insist on saving it for Christmas.

Here are some shots from the fashion show thanks to

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