Sunday, November 28, 2010

Post-Thanksgiving Wardrobe Crisis

So I've been away since Thanksgiving break due to total laziness and lots of shopping. It was too gloomy to go on actual black friday, but luckily the deals roll over to Saturday. I bought a very cute sweater.

I've eaten so much over the last few days and I'm betting so did you. Here are some tips to look slimmer when you don't feel so slim.

There's nothing I love more than patterned tights and Spanx makes a pair that will flatter your legs and your stomach. I always feel sexier with tights on.

High waisted skirts are super sexy and whenever I feel a bit on the cubby side I toss my jeans aside and wear skirts. You always look nicer in skirts too.
Banana Republic $39.99 skirt. It's on sale!

Just remember no matter how gross you feel dress gross and you'll feel worse. Don't wear baggy clothes!

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