Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010: The Controversy

Tonight on CBS the Victoria's Secret Fashion show for this year is premiering. It's basically a holiday tradition. Many people think that the show is degrading to women because it involves female models, usually very skinny ones, parading around in close to nothing. Well the people complaining have probably not seen real fashion shows where I've seen less. Face it fashion is a little on the controversial side. Not everyone is going to be happy with it. I'm not offended by the show and I'm no size two. I actually enjoy watching it. Most of the models tend be rather on the curvy side otherwise why would anyone let them wear underwear only?

It's a debate that will continue as long as there is a show. I happen to like seeing what underwear I can maybe buy soon (I buy cute underwear because like Tim Gunn I believe you need to start underneath your clothes in order to make a great outfit and therefore feel great) and I don't feel that fat watching it. I've accepted that some girls are meant to be that size and I'm not one of them.

So I'll watch it tonight and I might blog about it tomorrow. Anyone else watching it?


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