Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kate Middleton, Probably the Future Queen of England

Today Prince William and his long time girlfriend Kate Middleton announced their engagement and plans to marry. All over the world hearts were broken because every girl wants to be a princess especially one married to Prince William.

In light of the news I have decided to take a look at her fashion over the years to see how she'll fair as a bona-fide fashion icon. The current queen favors tweed and hats so let's see what Kate likes.

Kate is a true Londoner. She loves her trench coats and has been seen sporting them often.

She started preparing long ago for her stint as queen because she has often been photographed at events wearing classic hats. Love the jacket here I hate to admit it.

She definitely has a classic look, but she does balance that with youthful prints.

Well her style is not out of the box, but it certainly fits her and what one would expect of Royalty. Now Prince Harry is still single so I'm gonna hop on a plane and try to snag him before someone else does!

Pictures are not my own obviously because I have yet to visit England.

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