Saturday, November 6, 2010

Like Blair Waldorf does it....

....or how to dress like you're more important than you really are.

Need a confidence boost? Look no further than your wardrobe. You look like crap and you feel like crap so break this viscous cycle and follow these tips because accessories can make or break an outfit.

you got designer shades,
just to hide your face and
you wear them around like
you're cooler than me.

Don't listen to Mike Posner you are cooler than him so rock those huge shades.

I would go all out on glasses if I could. These are my pick for my cooler than you shades.

Headbands are like Texas: go big or go home
I think Blair would approve of this

These shoes are so Blair Waldorf that you would be able to take over the Upper East Side in them.

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