Monday, March 29, 2010

LA Style

So this is the most I've traveled in two weeks before. I went to LA for a few days to visit family. I did some shopping of course and here are my thoughts on Tinsletown.

All the guys wear tight pants! No joke. And in West Hollywood punk is the main style. Boots were very common. And one day it was 60 which is warm for me, but cold for LA-ers so I saw people wearing their Burberry coats while I was wearing a skirt!

Overall it was so different than what I'm used to. NYC feels like home when I go there, but LA was like another country. Once an East Coast Girl always one I guess.

Rodeo drive was impressive though!

That's me in the red sweater.

Oh! I this is on my most wanted list:

Apparently they're so exclusive that I can't find them on the internet right now. But Dolce and Gabbana made $800 limited edition t-shirts with the Steven Klein ad campaign on them and it comes with a print of the picture! I wanted it so bad!

What I did buy:
I went to a used-clothing store called Crossroads Trading in West Hollywood and found some really great stuff there. See by Chloe jeans were like $35 dollars!
I got:

A Marc by Marc Jacobs trench

and an Anna Sui top which I'm wearing now so here's a picture of the print:

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