Thursday, April 1, 2010

Japan Fashion week? has had Tokyo fashion week on its headlines for a while now. It has never really sparked my interest before, but with a little extra time on my hands for once I decided to check it out.

What first struck me was that very few of the models in the show that I looked at, Hisui, were Asian. Most were white. I guess Japan has become so Westernized that they perceive "american" to be attractive. I remember reading an article about Du Juan, a Chinese model, and how the Asians thought that she wasn't attractive enough because she looked too Chinese. Strange.

But on to the clothes. I liked the bright colors, but honestly this reminded me of a Project Runway collection. I don't know how long Hisui has been in business so I really shouldn't judge like that. Now if a Chanel collection looked like this then I could criticize.

Here are a few pieces:

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