Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bridal Fashion Week Spring 2011

I know quite a few people getting married soon so I thought I'd do a post on Bridal fashion.

Vera Wang:
Probably the most important and well known wedding dress designer. Ruffles, draping and tulle where Wang's main materials and styles. They were all very pretty and no dress looked a like. Wang even played with different colors and not just the typical white and off white, but gray as well.

Carolina Herrara
The dresses in Herrara's bridal collection ranged from simple to over the top and they each had a vintage feel. Different headpieces were featured as well. Not just the traditional vail, but garden party-esque hats. Each dress had a unique detail. The second to the last dress looked very Spanish a shout out to Herrera's heritage.


  1. Hi love. I really like your blog, so i can learn fashion words in english and a little more about fashion in general.
    Loved that you said CH dresses looked very spanish :) here, that style is called "flamenco" ;)

  2. Both very interesting! Cool!