Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Salvatore Ferragamo

Milan fashion week is like eating a really sugary candy. You get all the energy at once, but just like that it is over. Paris Fashion week will start soon and I cannot wait to see Chanel and Dior, but right now let's talk about a brand that's more known for their shoes than clothes and how that should be changed.

Salvatore Ferragamo has great shoes no doubt, but i enjoyed their clothes far better than I enjoyed Dolce and Gabbana's eponymous collection which looked like Lady Gaga designed it. I understand she's supposedly changing fashion these days, but I don't have the legs to dress like her and neither do many people.

That being said the Ferragamo collection was understated in a good way. Filled with neutrals and that feminine menswear so popular this season. Also there are some shiny dresses at the end that I would like to see on the red carpet. Overall wearability was key which as I keep saying is important in this economy.

Pictures: WWD.com

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  1. Just saw a really great article about Salvatore, I think you might like it.