Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Spanish Fashion

If I was bold I would have pulled a Sartorialist and taken pictures for this post. But I'll just give my random observations about fashion here in Spain.

In Barcelona the ladies just dress European. And by that I mean boots even in summer. High heels all the time and skinny jeans. I did not see much difference between they way they dress and Americans other than those few things. I think I am a bit accustomed to how they dress here because I do love H&M and that's a huge store here. The guys are another story. They love tight pants a little too much and shorts? nope capris please! No me gusta.

Valencia is very very different from Barcelona. I feel the girls here want to look like Americans, but then they don't at the same time. I've seen lots of baggy pants on ladies here. Think harem pants with a drop crotch. Navy blue stripes are big this season and so is seersucker. I've seen both in all the stores I've been in. Oh they also love cartoon characters on their shirts. Now the guys are either of two types. They try to dress punk/rastafarian with tight pants, piercing (which are super popular here) and mullet/dreadlocks hybrid hair. Or they dress like I've seen people in Barcelona dress, proudly sporting their futbol team's jersey.

Well I'm sure I'll have more observations when I go to Mallorca this weekend! Hasta luego

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