Saturday, May 15, 2010

La Moda de España

Right now I am in Spain for a study abroad trip. Being me I want to shop of course and I did get to do a little of that. My first shopping experience was in Barcelona. A few of my friends and I went into H&M my favorite store ever. I was loath to buy things however because H&M clothes are pretty universal. I did buy some lip gloss because the H&M cosmetic lines haven't made it to America.

They also have so many Zaras here! It was started in Spain so it's understandable. I am still waiting for a chance to go to Mango. But those are almost as abundant.

The one really authentic Spanish store I went to was El Corte Ingles. Those are everywhere! At the bottom of many chains are stores called Sfera. I bought some really cute tops there. The whole store is very reminiscent of H&M.

The first two pictures are of Sfera and the last two are of the other floors of El Corte Ingles. They love their French Connection here! and I also noticed they love Pepe Jeans.

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  1. HAHHA i love your clever name (coco-danielle). Hope you're having fun, love!!