Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What I've Been Waiting For

Marc Jacobs finally had his Fall/Winter RTW show!!! I can hardly contain my excitement. I was almost late for a lunch date because I was admiring all the pieces he had.

I'm truly in love with this collection and would wear every piece. And the collection is so wearable and down-to-earth a real difference for Jacobs who is always so out of the box. But it was out of the box. In a good way. I certainly did not expect him to make a collection that anyone could wear.

The colors were nothing extraordinary, but that's what made it so amazing. To be able to take such a bland set of colors and make pieces like this out of them takes an extraordinary hand.

Marc Jacobs is my favorite designer no doubt. For my 16th birthday my present was to go to Savannah and visit his store there. The closest one to my hometown.

Here are some highlights from the collection thanks to WWD.com

When I saw the first outfit I fell in love. It was something I would wear! Exactly like it was. Something I could wear to a job interview or something like that. I think that because of this dreadful economy designers are trying extra hard to appeal to more ordinary people.

The structures of the coats were fantastic and everything was so laid-back.

Eyelet dress in the fall?! Very creative and fun!

My choice for dress most wanted to be seen on the red carpet. Chloe Sevigny are you listening? This is perfect for you!

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