Friday, February 12, 2010

Tribute to the Queen

Now I can finally pay tribute to McQueen the master after the intial shock of his loss is gone.

For McQueen his shows were not just about showing the clothes he designed so masterfully, but they were shows in the utmost sense. They were productions, theatrical productions. He made videos and set pieces to go along with his motifs. He incorporated technology and fashion. He used a hologram of Kate Moss in one of his shows, something which had never been seen before.

He played with not only materials like plaid, but with romance and darkness as themes. He used feathers and other creative themes to the best of his masterful ability. His floor-length dresses were wonderful with the emphasis on "wonder." They were inspired by nature a lot of times.

He worked for the great House of Givenchy for a time and played wonderfully with the House's traditional aesthetic making it his own.

McQueen was the kind of designer others copied, he never copied anyone. He was truely an orginal and his genius and artworks will be sorely missed.

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