Monday, June 14, 2010


I've been home for quite a while from Spain and all I have to say is that I miss it for sure! I don't miss the food (no more jamón y queso for me!), but I miss the people and el grupo! We need to have a reunion soon you guys! Coming back was certainly a surprise. I forgot just how rude people here can be. Spanish people are not all that rude, they're just a bit strange. I certainly didn't miss people cutting in front of me in the line to be seated at Steak and Shake. I also realized that I know my way around Mercadona better than my local Publix. Oh and driving? A disaster. I like getting to where I need to go fast but I drove for the first time Saturday and I almost hit two cars! It's going to take some getting used to. I also miss our teachers! They were so fun. I'm really going to need to work hard to keep my Spanish alright because obviously here I don't need to use it at all. But overall I'm happy to be back. I realized that this past year from my birthday last year to this year I've been on 17 different planes and that I've traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico, Orlando, Tampa, New York, Hilton Head, Los Angeles and those 6 cities in Spain. Needless to say I'm exhausted and I don't plan to set foot on a plane for the rest of the year! Being back home I have so much to do and so many people to see! oh and keep your fingers crossed that I actually have a summer job!


I leave you with a picture of the collage I'm making of my trip!

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